vvvegas“What I’m about to tell you is an extraordinary story about an ordinary woman.”  Thus begins the tale of Linea Janeiro, a young woman who comes to America from Brazil to escape unbearable sorrow born of a terrible accident. In the United States, she lands a job with a company that sells snowglobes to tourist sites around the country. One day, Linea gathers the vacation time she’s accumulated and sets out on an eventful voyage across her new country, using snowglobes as rough guideposts.

Through encounters with the people she meets, as well as with the land and with a strange boy, hers becomes an odyssey, too, of emotional discovery. In the end, she must decide whether to stay locked inside or shed her sadness and re-engage with life. Once she chooses, she finds a surprising new reason to live. It’s Snowing in Las Vegas is a moving story of tragedy, redemption and a magical journey across America.

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